joker: if you kill me, you can save all these people

batman: no, if i kill you, that means that i'm no different from you



joker: have you ever heard of the trolley problem

Massive status bias in peer review.

534 reviewers randomized to review the same paper revealing the low status, high status, or neither author. 65% reject low status, 23% reject high status.

Amazing work by Juergen Huber and colleagues. #prc9

Jetzt noch zu glauben man kann ohne massive Eingriffe in den Energiemarkt weiter machen, ist so als ob die Titanic nach Kollision mit dem Eisberg das Reiseziel von New York nach Rio ändert.

Roman Crazzolara did an awesome job explaining the use of routine #PRO #HRQOL assessments in the pediatric oncology ward in Innsbruck in this interview. Making science accessible to general public should be our no 1 priority
@imed_tweets @EORTC_QLG

CHES @esdches

Successful use of #CHES in pediatric oncology

#ESD #ePro #Pro #giveCancerNoChance #cancerScience

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