Welcome on my little website 🙂 In my professional life, I used to do research at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck. After getting my phd and working some time as a post doc, I decided to leave academia to work for the best company in the world: Evaluation Software Development (ESD). Our software product Computer-based Health Evaluation Systems (CHES) is used in quality of life research, daily clinical routine, and rehab centers allowing patients to voice their health condition not just in terms of hard medical parameters but also based on their personal perception.

In my leisure time, I love all kinds of American Football. I play for a flag football team here in Innsbruck, the USI Panthers. We play in the second highest flag football league in Austria. Follow us on Facebook! I am also a big fan of the New Orleans Saints! Who Dat! When I am not playing football, I try to spend as much time as possible travelling the world with my girlfriend Stefanie. It seems there is an infinite amount of places worth visiting…


So Krewe du Vieux weighed in on the #NOLA No-Call last night…
Pics via @MichaelDeMocker

Link: ttps://www.nola.com/expo/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/02/d353f5bf711095/krewe-du-vieux-and-krewedelusion-shock-and-awe-the-crowds-photos.html


Schadenshöhe e-Card Betrug (gesamt Wien und Nö, 2014 bis 2016):
€ 12.720

Steuer- und Sozialbetrug durch Unternehmen:
€ 12.900.000.000 pro Jahr


Officials missed a call that could have been pass interference, helmet to helmet, unnecessary roughness, face guarding, any of them. Instead it was none of them.

The game, and legacies, were changed.

Taysom Hill has now recorded at least one of each of the following this season:
* Completed pass
* Run
* Reception
* TD reception
* Tackle
* Fumble
* Interception thrown
* Blocked punt
* Kickoff return
* Punt return
* Converted fake punt run

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