Welcome on my little website 🙂 In my professional life, I used to do research at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck. After getting my phd and working some time as a post doc, I decided to leave academia to work for the best company in the world: Evaluation Software Development (ESD). Our software product Computer-based Health Evaluation Systems (CHES) is used in quality of life research, daily clinical routine, and rehab centers allowing patients to voice their health condition not just in terms of hard medical parameters but also based on their personal perception.

In my leisure time, I love all kinds of American Football. I play for a flag football team here in Innsbruck, the USI Panthers. We play in the second highest flag football league in Austria. Follow us on Facebook! I am also a big fan of the New Orleans Saints! Who Dat! When I am not playing football, I try to spend as much time as possible travelling the world with my girlfriend Stefanie. It seems there is an infinite amount of places worth visiting…


Wie geil wärs jetzt #Schifoan in die Charts zu bringen! 😃 #Ambros Wer ist dabei? Bitte retweeten! #OE3 https://t.co/eJSQqePH6h

Whenever someone tells you more lanes will solve the traffic problem, show them this. (I-10 in Houston, now 26 lanes!)

In der St. Veiter Strasse 111 gab es eine Razzia weil Kickls Agentur Steuergeld-Kickbacks an die FPÖ weitergereicht haben soll. Der Chef der Firma hat eine neue Firma an dieser Adresse und seine Firma macht nun Polizeilogos. Im Auftrag von Minister Kickl. https://t.co/2BnfQG9aWw

Das Lied "Sag Nein" von Konstantin Wecker ist 25 Jahre alt. Und ich hätte nie geglaubt, dass es in diesem Land mal wieder von solcher Aktualität sein würde.

The three browsers holding JavaScript back the most are:

1) IE 11 (2.7% of the web)
2) Android 4.4-4.4.3 (0.94% of the web)
3) Chrome 49 (0.71% of the web)

If we stopped supporting these browsers, we wouldn't have to transform most modern JavaScript syntax features... (cont)

I cannot get over this.

This is a time-lapse of nearly 20 yrs of footage (that I had to turn to gif) from the NACO instrument on the ESO's VLT in Chile, that shows stars orbiting a supermassive black hole at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy.

General relativity in action.

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